Message from President Koichi Ota.

Experiences have been handed down
from generation to generation since 1920.
Fukushima, Deck Machinery and Grab Bucket

Koichi Ota

1. To be a sustainable company
2. To be a company that develops along with our hometown of Fukushima Prefecture
3. To be a company that satisfies customers
4. To be a company that employees satisfy each other

Thank you very much for having you access the homepage of FUKUSHIMA LTD.

We began to start the business as machinery cast manufacture at a place here "Fukushima Pref." in 1920, and established FUKUSHIMA LTD. in 1953.
We continue the business at "Fukushima Pref." as a production base in a history over century.

The Deck Machinery for marine use as a main product of ours started a design, production and sale from 1956, and equipped on more than 6,500 various ships (Passenger ship, General merchant ship, Workboat etc.) , which navigate all of the world's seas.
Also, the Grab Buckets started production from 1967. and delivered 3,500 sets or more to a garbage plant of all over Japan and harbor-related facilities.

Our products have a long history and shipping record as well as progressing technology and high quality.
We provide an excellent follow-up and quick customer service which has gained the confidence and high evaluation of customers.

We would like to raise the value of the "Fukushima Brand" as the excellent machinery maker, more while we FUKUSHIMA LTD. being particular about "manufacturing" as the focus on the location at "Fukushima Pref.", and reflecting various voices and needs of the customer with sense of quick response.

We would appreciate your kind support and patronage continuously.

With best regards,