After-Sales Service for Grab Buckets

After-Sales Service for Grab Buckets

Based on our past troubleshooting achievements, we are intent on providing flexible and quick troubleshooting services by personnel stationed in branch offices at five locations around Japan.
Individual service engineers are assigned to their respective customers to offer follow-up services and, in the event of emergencies, are available around the clock, even on holidays.
We cater to the customer by offering flexible proposals and troubleshooting services: the service engineer responds to trouble with a stop-gap measure when a sufficient period for repair work cannot be secured, but otherwise takes permanent measures.

Patrol Service

As for grab buckets for which the customer wants our maintenance service, we conduct a preliminary checkout free of charge.
We can present the best possible service plan because we prepare a price quotation only after confirming the conditions of customers' machinery in trouble.

Provision of On-Site Services

Not only do we conduct maintenance and troubleshooting in our service workshop, but we can also provide on-site services.
Our capabilities also include overhaul maintenance of hydraulic cylinders as well as servicing worn parts of bucket claws by welding using repair materials specifically made according to the state of wear.

Provision of On-Site Services

Outline of Normal Maintenance

We conduct the following operations as necessary, depending on machinery conditions:

  1. Hydraulic oil replacement and flushing of the oil tank interior
  2. Overhaul maintenance of hydraulic equipment
  3. Overhaul inspection of hanging fittings
  4. Wear measurement of sliding parts
  5. Insulation resistance measurement
  6. Equipment diagnosis based on current waveform
  7. Wear check-up using an ultrasonic thickness gauge
  8. Hydraulic cylinder pressure test
  9. Overall coating (shot-blasting available only when the equipment has been brought to our workshop)
Outline of Normal Maintenance

Examples of Special Maintenance

  1. Boring boss parts and assembling bush
  2. Replacement of a pump unit with a more energy-efficient type
  3. Re-covering of the worn parts of a claw
Examples of Special Maintenance

Maintenance of Our Workshop

We perform grab bucket maintenance by bringing in faulty grab buckets to our workshop.
The securely serviced grab bucket then undergoes shot-blasting for surface preparation, and finally its welded parts are investigated to a non-destructive test.
Our customers are highly delighted to see these recoated and completely refreshed grab buckets and always say, "They are as good as new!"

Before maintenance

Before maintenance

After maintenance

After maintenance

Emergency Responses

Our network of five service office nationwide in japan enables us to respond to requests from customers flexibly and quickly; when it comes to emergencies, our service engineers are available 24 hours a day, all year round.
When genuine parts are not available in time for delivery, or when time for the service work is too short, we take stopgap measures to enable temporary recovery. Once it becomes possible to secure sufficient time, we carry out lasting measures. "Flexible Response" is the motto of our operations.

Emergency Responses

Responses to Other Makers' Equipment

Even when it comes to other manufacturers' equipment, we respond to such cases with necessary service whether it's an emergency or routine.
We can make some parts after sketching on the spot. So, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Capable of Annual Inspection of Crane Bodies

As our company has experience in the manufacture of crane bodies, we can respond to requests for regular maintenance as well as unexpected crane-body trouble.

Inspection Procedures

1.Application & consultation

To apply for an inspection, please consult our local sales office first.

Or please click the button below and use the provided mail form for application.

2.Hearing investigation

Our engineer conducts an hearing investigation.
He checks necessary items such as the state of the equipment and its operational conditions.

3.Inspection of grab bucket

Our service staff visit the client to inspect the grab bucket in trouble.
If it's necessary to repair or replace parts, we will issue a price quotation.

4.Preparation of inspection card

We record the results of inspections on a card. The card, in turn, allows us to confirm the state of equipment management, inspections and maintenance services.